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instant pot burn notice

12 ways to avoid or fix the instant pot burn message

Getting instant pot burn notice? Does instant pot keep saying burn? Here are tested 12 ways to avoid or fix instant pot burn message.

Author Nithya KB


  1. Make sure you add at least enough water or some liquid like broth to the food you cook in the instant pot before you pressure cook or using any mode. This way there will be enough liquid and you will not get the burn sign.

  2. When the recipe calls for a sealing position and you left the valve in a venting position the water or liquid will escape through the valve and makes the food in the inner pot get dried and you will receive an instant pot burn message.

  3. When use the saute mode it is always better to scrap the bottom and deglaze the instant pot.

    how to deglaze instant pot - When the recipe calls for saute mode and after you finish sauteing add around one cup of water to the inner pot and scrape the bottom until you see no food stuck to the inner pot. Now proceed with the recipe.

  4. You can use pot in pot cooking to completely avoid instant pot burn message. Add some water to the inner pot, place the trivet and an instant pot safe bowl and make the food. I use oven-safe pyrex in instant pot.

  5. Grease the bottom of the inner pot by spraying some oil or butter will also help us to avoid instant pot burn notice.

  6. Sometimes when I get an instant pot burn message I ignore it and see for a couple of minutes. The burn message vanishes on its own. You can try this tip next time when instant pot says burn.

  7. When instant pot keeps saying burn and I will see if the floating valve is up or down. If it's down I will go ahead and open the instant pot, turn it off for a minute and immediately add some liquid and scrap the food struck to the bottom and deglaze the instant pot and turn it on again. This method always works for me whenever I get an instant pot food burn message and this is how to stop pressure cooker burning on the bottom.

  8. One more reason we get instant pot burn message is sealing ring not placed properly. We need to make sure the sealing ring is aligned correctly to the lid otherwise the liquid will release steam and this will cause burn notice.

  9. If you are using saute mode with the pressure level as more or sauteing for a long time and immediately you end up pressure cook will also lead to burn error due to heating process for a long time.

  10. Another way to avoid burn message is by layering the ingredients. For example when making instant pot noodles or pasta first add the pasta with enough liquid and then add the pasta sauce but don't stir it. Do the pressure cook.

  11. If you are using saute mode for a longer time. Please turn off the instant pot for sometime before you pressure cook. This way the heating element cools off a bit. Then you can proceed with pressure cook mode.

  12. Ok, you tried all the above tips and nothing works for you? Saute the ingredients on the stovetop and add it to the instant pot and go ahead with pressure cooking.